Friday, March 21, 2014

Quarter 3 Book Review.

Ten Things April Did.. And Shouldn't Have.

Ten things we did (and probably shouldn't have) Sarah Mlynowski, HarperTeens 2011, Fiction.
Sixteen year old girl named April was a high school student. Her parents both moved away and basically she begged to let her stay in her hometown so she didn't have to move in the middle of the school year and ruin things in her relationship and friendships. Her friend Vi allowed her to live with her, Vi was a high school senior who had a mom who just didn't care about her daughter. They has a list of things they shouldn't do and in which reality struck making it a list of things they did that they shouldn't have because of the fact they were two high school students living alone.
"This relentlessly entertaining story offers an authentic perspective on freedom, friendship, and first love. I totally loved it." -Susan Colasanti.
I haven’t really read any books by the same author, or even books of this genre or type. It’s actually really ironic, I wasn’t intentionally going to start reading this book. Once I did start though, I couldn’t put it down! I will read more books like this in the future though! It did remind of me the book speak in slight ways, only because the character was also a teenager in high school going through some tough times and Melinda in the book speak also was throughout the book as well. Both both are relevant to real life problems and real teenage years.
“I love you: You imagine hearing the words from someone not related to you, someone not your best friend, but when someone you love, someone you dream about, actually says them, it makes your body melt and your breath get caught in your chest.” (206)
While reading this book, I was going through some relationship problems with my family and boyfriend as was the main character April. April began doing things she shouldn't have, hence the name of the book, but by the end of the story she realized what she had done was wrong. I feel as if thats such a strong moral because no matter what you do, at the end of the day you’ll figure out if it was for good or for bad. I really enjoyed this book because at the time of reading it I just feel like it was super relatable and I could get myself lost in someone elses problems instead of my own, giving me some comfort to allow myself to realize I'm not the only one who could be going through what I am right now.

5 Paws = Devour It!

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